We are grateful for every donation to the Erin K. Johnson Memorial Fund.


The Fund

The generosity from so many individuals is very much appreciated, and has comforted those grieving Erin’s passing, knowing that this fund allows her spirit and inspiration to continue into the future.


 As an endowed fund, the Erin K. Johnson Memorial Fund will be able to provide, in perpetuity, donations and grants to organizations and individuals aligned with the mission of the Fund: to support getting children outdoors to experience nature, to promote scientific education, and to protect Alaska’s wild places. These were the values Erin cherished.

Currently we are working to increase the endowment to maximize its annual charitable potential. We have begun providing funding to a variety of organizations including summer scholarships to Trailside Discovery Camp, Greatland Trust for their Chugach Pathways Program, and some partial scholarships for four needy 5th graders from Machetanz Elementary's STEM program who couldn't afford to participate in a culminating Marine Science Field Trip.  

We are so grateful that Erin’s legacy is taking on a life of its own, through community activities and fundraising efforts. The Eagle River Ski Club is sponsoring a freestyle cross-country ski race on February 25th, 2018, dedicated to Erin. The proceeds of the race will be donated to her memorial fund.

In addition, we are beginning to organize an annual fundraiser and celebration of Erin’s life featuring things that were dear to Erin. Our first "Erin Fest" is scheduled for Erin's birthday weekend, July 22nd, 2018.  If  you would like to offer ideas or special talents to help us make this event a reality in the future, please contact us.

Many individuals have shared how inspirational Erin was to them, helping them be comfortable outdoors, and inspiring a passion for nature. In her too brief life she clearly impacted many people, and through her legacy we hope many more lives will be touched.

Erin had a passion for the outdoors, nature, art, music, and adventure.
— Barb & Steve Johnson

What We want to acheive

  • Support connecting youth with the outdoors and wildlife.
  • Preserving wild space to be saved from development.
  • Connecting youth with music and the fine arts.
  • Encouraging youth and adults to spend time outdoors.