Donations to date


Although the fund is less than two years old, it is beginning to make a positive difference!

Funds have been provided to the following organizations and the list continues to grow. Because the fund is endowed (so that it will continue in perpetuity), we are only able to contribute smaller amounts of money from the interest earned each year and some funds we’ve raised that have not been endowed. We are working hard to build the endowed portion of the fund so that there will be even greater good in the future, while still funding projects where there is a presently a need.

Organizations that have been provided funds to date include:

Trailside Discovery Camp- Scholarships

Eagle River Nature Center- Science Education

Machetanz Elementary STEM School Scholarships for Science Field Trips

Student Conservation Association, Alaska- Getting youth outside working on conservation projects

Greatland Trust- Chugach Pathways Public Access Project

The Conservation Fund- Portage Pass Public Access Project

Girls on Ice Alaska: Inspiring Girls Expeditions

Wrangell Institute for Science & Environment-Education and Science Programs

We currently have 2 organizations currently being considered for funding. We also want to continue supporting the organizations listed above, if possible.